Huisartsen Sarphatipark is a practice with a rich history, which has been established in De Pijp for over 35 years. The practice previously consisted of 2 separate practices that were located in the same building. These practices were merged into 1 practice in 2019. Huisartsen Sarphatipark works with 5 to 6 resident GP’s. Patients can choose 1 of these GP’s as their regular GP.

Most of our patients are neighbourhood residents. However, because of its central location in De Pijp in Amsterdam, ex-pats and students, who tend to move more often, also commonly use the practice. Because of this, we have patients who live in De Pijp, De Rivierenbuurt, Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, Amsterdam Centrum, Amsterdam Oost and Amsterdam Oud-West.

The practice is open all year round and one of the resident GP’s will always be available.

Our vision:

Illness always comes at unfortunate times. So, getting immediately in contact with your general practitioner as effortless as possible is desirable. Such access is what we offer. You can easily contact us by phone or email and if necessary you can even make an appointment the same day you become ill. Alternatively, you can forward your requests online through e-Health, at your convenience.

During the consultation you will notice this personal approach. We offer person centred care and will think with you to see what is applicable in your specific situation. Basically, the idea is that we come to a solution to your problem respecting your views on the matter. This supposes a certain amount of personal responsibility, for we believe that being in control of your own health brings the best results.

In short, we offer healthcare which is accessible, innovative and personal, and of which you take control. That is what we stand for!