Services provided by Huisartsen Sarphatipark:

UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) consultation

Symptoms of a UTI are: pain during urination, frequent urination, lower abdominal pain or back pain. If you think you might have a UTI, you don’t have to make an appointment with the GP immediately. Please bring in your morning urine so the assistant can examine it for an infection. After analysis we will call you and when necessary give a prescription, that will be send to your pharmacy directly. When you bring in urine you will be asked to fill in a questionnaire. You can also download the questionnaire (see link below), fill it in and take it in with your urine.

Questionnaire for urine analyses (PDF)

STD (Sexual Transmitted Diseases) consultation

You can suffer from an STD without noticing. STDs can also cause complaints such as yellowish discharge, a burning sensation whilst urinating, warts, blisters, festering wounds or a yellowish skin or sclera. Do you think you might have an STD? Or would you just like to test yourself to be sure? Make an appointment during our consultation hours. We will apply the appropriate tests. Most STDs are easily taken care of when treated timely. If you’re in doubt, or just have some questions about STDs, then you can also request an e-Consult through our e-Health portal.

Vaccinations and traveller’s advice

Are you going to travel? Are you in need of vaccinations or any advice concerning the prevention of diseases during your travels? We provide traveller’s advice and apply vaccinations at our practice. Doctor Van Den Hombergh is a qualified travel medic and follows the guidelines of the LCR (Landelijke Coordinatiecentrum Reizigersadvisering).

A traveller’s advice consists of advice and counsel concerning the topics of risk and prevention of diseases whilst travelling. Furthermore, we provide prescriptions for medicines and/or necessary vaccinations.

A traveller’s advice is not included in the basic healthcare package. Such an advice costs 28 euros and will be paid in cash at the practice. These expenses exclude any vaccinations or medicines that might be needed. One must purchase these separately at the local pharmacy.
If you would like a traveller’s advice, then we request you print out and fill in the intake form for traveller’s advice below as accurately as possible. Once you have filled in the form, you can drop it off at the practice, send it through the mail or e-mail it to us. As soon as we receive the form, we will contact you by phone to make an appointment for consultation.

Intake form traveller’s advice (PDF)

Minor surgery

We have experience in performing minor surgical procedures in our practice. First we will assess and discuss the problem needing surgery. Then we decide whether the operation is possible and schedule the procedure. The procedure will take place in the practice using local anesthesia and often does not take longer than 30 minutes. Here is a list of procedures performed by us:

  • Treatment of an ingrown toenail
  • Removal of birthmarks
  • Removal of sebaceous cysts and lipomas
  • Removal/freezing of warts
  • Removal/freezing of fibromas and other skin abnormalities
  • Cutting of a short tongue web

Anti-inflammatory injections

Anti-inflammatory injections can be quick and effective for many problems. For instance it can help to relieve bursitis in the hip or shoulder, but can also be very effective against complaints of wear and tear of certain joints. We have experience giving these injections. During a consultation we will decide whether an injection can be helpful, after which we will order the anti-inflammatory medicine and schedule an appointment to give the injection.

Insertion and removal of an intrauterine device

An IUD is a contraceptive device that is inserted in the uterus. With this device, pregnancy can be prevented for 5 years. IUDs can be inserted and removed at our practice. First, you will have a 10-minute consultation in which the GP will explain the procedure. After that, an appointment for 20 minutes will be scheduled in which the intrauterine device will be placed. We use local anesthesia during the placement of the device, in this way the procedure is less painful. The position of the IUD is checked with ultrasound examination. Removing an IUD can be done in a regular 10-minute appointment.

Implantation and removal of a contraceptive implant

The contraceptive implant is a contraceptive device that can remain in place for 3 years. It is a small flexible tube about 4cm long and 2mm wide that’s inserted under the skin of your upper arm where it releases a hormone and thus prevents pregnancy. The contraceptive implant can be placed under local anesthesia at our practice. First, you will have a 10-minute consultation in which the GP will explain the procedure and then the contraceptive implantation will be ordered. After that, an appointment for 20 minutes will be scheduled for the placement of the contraceptive implant. The removal of the implant also takes place under local anesthesia and this procedure will take 20 minutes.

Diabetes Mellitus

Our healthcare service for patients with diabetes is well regulated via the healthcare group Cooperatie Huisartsen Amsterdam Groot Zuid (CHAGZ). As a diabetic you will have checks every three months done by the nurse practitioner and once per year by the GP. We also coordinate all other care needed for diabetics, like eye, feet and blood checks. We hope to achieve well-organized and high quality care.

Cardiovascular diseases

Since 2014 we offer a healthcare program for people with cardiovascular diseases. These people will get regular checks by the nurse practitioner and the GP. This includes blood pressure, weight and laboratory tests. Furthermore we will discuss preventive and therapeutics measures as well as lifestyle for cardiovascular diseases. The purpose of these checks is to minimize progress of cardiovascular diseases.


Since 2018 we have had a healthcare program for people with COPD. COPD stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It is an incurable lung disease in which patients often suffer from cough, tightness and mucus. This is due to a permanent inflammation of the airways, almost always caused by years of smoking.

If you are diagnosed with COPD the GP and nurse practitioner will annually check your illness, complaints and limitations in daily life. They will also discuss your medication use and, if necessary, perform a lung function measurement. They also pay attention to your lifestyle, such as exercise, smoking and nutrition. They can refer you to special guidance programs for COPD patients. These programs aim to improve fitness and focus on breathing and coughing techniques. Guidance on giving up smoking is also part of the COPD healthcare program.

Stop smoking

Smoking is an addiction therefore it is hard to stop. It is important to be well prepared. Choose a convenient time to stop, e.g. when you don’t have too much on your mind and there is enough distraction in your life. Are you having trouble to stop or would you like assistance with stop smoking? Make an appointment for a consultation. Together with our nurse practitioner we can assist you to stop smoking. We can also use the additional help of medicines or nicotine substitutes.


Since 2018, we provide our patients who want to use PrEP. The GP takes care of the supervision and checks that accompany the use of PrEP. PrEP is a pill that you can use to prevent yourself from getting infected with HIV. PrEP is safe and effective. PrEP has been available in the Netherlands since 2016. PrEP is not reimbursed by Dutch healthcare insurance. You can only buy PrEP on prescription. Do you want more information about PrEP? Visit www.prepnu.nl. Do you want to start using PrEP? Schedule an appointment with one of the GP’s.

Health check & lifestyle advice

It is good every now and then to stop and reflect on your health. However, it isn’t immediately necessary to go to the doctor for this. To help you in making your decision whether it is useful to go to the doctor or not, we can sketch some situations which would require an appointment for consultation:

  • You have a high-risk for cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure or diabetes. You can test these yourself at testuwrisico.nl
  • In your family occur hereditary illnesses, for example hereditary tumours or diabetes.
  • You have the feeling that you live an unhealthy life and would like to actively improve your lifestyle. One can check the healthiness of their lifestyle at testuwleefstijl.nl
  • You would like to quit smoking.

In these, or similar cases it is wise to make an appointment for consultation so we can help you to improve your health.


Do you have a question you think can be answered by email? Do you doubt whether visiting the GP is necessary? Through our e-Health portal, you can request an e-Consult. We will always try to reply within one weekday.


You can request a repeat prescription with us through our e-Health portal. A repeat prescription is applicable for medicine you use on a regular basis. Furthermore, it is important that you are familiar with the use of the medicine, to prevent misuse of the medicine.